The Mix

A few Case related photos......

This is my 644. This one has the rear PTO and 3 point hitch.
It runs, drives, digs and lifts... just doesnt look good doing it. It is on the list for restoration.

My first Case was the 448 that I modified into the "Case 449 project" found on other pages of mine. After that one, a tractor trickled in here and there for about a year, but then, myself and a good friend happened across a complete collection of Case GT's... so we bought them !

All I can say is that it has been a bunch of fun ! When we got them home, we assembled them for triage. Out of 20 tractors, at least 14 of them fired up and ran.
Who wouldn't want a view like this out their back window ? LOL !

The 200 series triage row

The 400 series triage row

I intend to use some of the many parts I have to build an articulated... Cant wait to get started !

Here is my newest aquisition, a nice little 220.