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NOTICE ! Due to a recent compromise of this web page, I've had to suspend sales of the plan set.

This machine plan went on sale in mid 1999 and has been a good performer. Because of the amount

of work it will take to restore the site to one that it should be (it really needed an update), I'm going

to take a little time to reflect on my current interests and family demands. I may just decide that it

has become time for the Data-Cut CNC Router Plan set to be retired.


The machine was (and is to those who have built it) a great machine.  Sure, there are things we

 would change about it today, primarily the use of round linear components now that THK style rails

are far more affordable than they had been when it was designed. I do intend to replace all of the

reference material, information and photos back online, but it will take me a little time.

A LOT has changed in the CNC hobby market since this machine was designed back in late 1997, and I am

thrilled to see how the hobby has grown. While we saw the raw materials market increase in cost, it was good

to see that the control and electronics portion of costs had come down to compensate. Today, there are a lot of

options for those desirous of getting into a hobby that can be very profitable, and they do not end with routing and

engraving. Now people are enjoying CNC via 3d printing, laser cutting, Hot wire foam cutting, Cnc Quilting.......

All things really unheard of back when I started.  Over the years, I have built many different machines myself, and

am not sorry I did. I have learned much by doing so, and I have the machines to use for the rest of my life !


I want to THANK all of my plan purchasers over the years. I have enjoyed supporting your dreams and helping you

achieve them. Everyone who purchased plans who may still have questions about this machine are welcome to

contact me at


Anyone interested in carrying on the torch of the first CNC router plan set that was available on the web could also contact me.

The machines design is still as robust as ever, and can likely outperform much of what is available out there of similar size.


DATA-CUT Machine Design
Manitowoc, Wi 54220